Capture One Dodge and Burn Helper (Mac OS)

Capture One Dodge and Burn Helper (Mac OS)

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Simplify the creation of dodge and burn layers with a single click

The power of Capture One and its support for layers has grown tremendously over the years, which has allowed it to serve as a stand-alone photo editor without the need for Photoshop. 

One of the most enduring and commonly used techniques for perfecting skin or adding depth and dimension to landscape and architecture images is Dodging and Burning. While support for Dodging and Burning within Capture One is good, it requires the creation of numerous layers which can be tedious and time consuming. 

This script aims to streamline the process of creating the layer stack for the dodge and burn layers as well as a helper layer in order to get you working on your images in a quick and consistent manner. 

This script requires a Mac OS running Capture One version 12.1 or greater and will include free updates for future versions.

My goal in creating this script is to provide you with a tried and tested set of layers that will make the process of dodge and burning as efficient and effective as possible.


  • Insert 4 corrective layers, 2 contouring layers and a helper layer
  • Choose to insert some or all of the layers
  • Choose to insert the stack into a single image or an entire collection

To launch the script, you just have to choose it from the scripts dropdown and choose what you would like included and where. 


Harness the power of Capture One Pro for skin retouching

To learn more about how to retouch skin using this dodge and burn helper stack, see the detailed video below.